1. What would your desert island dish be? Fresh line caught fish and chips
  2. Who’d you most like to sit down and have a good old chin wag with (dead or alive)? I’d have loved to sit down with Bobby Robson
  3. Your favourite tipple from the Green Man bar? Some sort of whiskey, when I’m not on a detox from alcohol, which is most the time!
  4. What/who do you love most? Well I would be in trouble if I didn’t say my wife and family right?!
  5. What really does your head in?! I try everything once, so try not to dislike anything
  6. What’s your musical flavour/fave band or singer? Michael Jackson
  7. Most likely to say….? Time to lean, time to clean
  8. Where do you see yourself being in 10 years time? On a dessert island somewhere with a mojito in hand